Repair of the day, Black and Decker Belgian Waffle maker


NOTE: This post has been updated to include a 3D printer solution, download this part if you have a 3D printer.

Its called the Model WMB500 and I got one for Christmas last year. It worked perfectly the first time I used it but when I went to use it a second time one of the hinge pins was broken so we took it back and got another one but those pins broke within a few weeks. I called the Black and Decker hot line and was sent some more pins but shockingly they broke too so I put away the waffle iron thinking that one day the idea for the perfect fix would come to me.

Its really too bad as the little machine made perfect waffles and wasn’t too hard to clean for a waffle maker, less parts makes less parts to clean you know. Its small size was perfect for storage and fit neatly on its edge in the cupboard next to the waffle mix. I was disappointed, really that was an understatement as I blamed outsourcing for destroying the integrity of the manufacturing sector and was driven to a sad state where I would watch Noam Chomsky for hours clutching my tiny blanket and murmuring.


(One of the many broken pins I have)

Last week I took my broken waffle making appliance to the local Ace Hardware and walked up and down the isle of little screw and nut bits until an idea came to mind. If I could find some fuel hose that fit in the hinge opening then a small nut and bolt could be used to expand the hose and form a new hinge. You want to use at least “fuel hose” because its made to withstand a bit higher temperature than normal hose and since a waffle iron gets hot you gotta think about these things.

Image(The parts used to make the new hinge pins)

I bought two 1/4″ x 1-1/4″ counter sink bolts with hex nuts included, two 1/4″ washers and one foot of 1/4″ fuel hose. If you want to try this you have to make sure the hose fits in the hinge opening as hose is sold by the inside diameter not the outside diameter so that number can vary.


The hose was cut to just over 1″ and one end was counter sunk by hand turning a 1/2″ drill bit to remove a tiny bit of hose material.

ImageHere the bolt and hose have been inserted in the hinge opening. Make sure the hose passes through both parts of the plastic body so there is room for it to expand.

ImageTighten only to apply enough pressure to keep the pin from coming out, too much could break the plastic body.


Finished repair. I used the least expensive hardware which made the total cost less than $3.00 but you could use an acorn nut that would hide the threads and make a slighter nicer looking repair for another $2.

I wish I had another picture here of my smiling face grilling waffles but I’m sure you get the idea.


29 thoughts on “Repair of the day, Black and Decker Belgian Waffle maker

  1. call the manufacturer and they will send you new hinge pins
    I just called them this morning and they are sending me new pins no charge,
    they are suppose to be updated (made stronger). will see when they get here.

  2. Nice to hear John, but I’ve given B&D three tries and I’m sticking with my fix which is still working fine as I had waffles this morning. Your avatar sort of reminds me of waffles, wonder if there are any leftovers in my kitchen?

    1. Can you tell me what the piece is between the nut and bolt in the picture of parts used for this fix? Also does friction hold the bolt from turning while you tighten the nut? Thank you.

      1. Kevin, The black piece between the nut and bolt is a short length of black fuel hose, the piece I got came from ACE Hardware, make sure what you get fits inside the iron. Once you get a bit of squeeze on it the rubber will compress and should give enough resistance to tighten.

    1. Brilliant! I ran to the hardware store tonight and bought some stainless steel bolts and a fuel hose. Hose came in just on size and it was too big for the hinge holes. Put one end of the hose in my drill chuck and turned it in a piece of sandpaper untuil I reduced the diameter of the hose such that it would fit in the hinge. Back in business. Thanks for posting your “fix”.

  3. Just wanted to let you know I did it. It works just great. And to think I was considering replacing this waffle maker when the fix was so easy. THANK YOU!!

  4. Thanks for taking the time to post this, I’d click “like” if that was an option. Of course, I went searching because a new waffle maker appeared at our home yesterday, and it does not work as well. I will now repair my BD. Thanks.

  5. I just bougjt the waffel maker and the 2 times i jsef it it worked great
    Now it will only cook the lower plate and tje upper plate is only 1/2 way cooked still white /brown

    What suggestion ?

    I have an old general and it works well but the waffel stucks on the plate i have used oil , spam , butter but no way ??

    Thanks for any help osugestion

  6. What is the green fluid leaking from the bottom of my waffle maker? it started leaking after heating it up, and now I’m afraid to use it ;-(

  7. Found your article here and I have the same hinge problem. I will try your fix and look forward to successful results! Thank you.
    I love your pic of the setup in your basement, reminds me of my childhood where my dad practiced his bass in the basement for those weekend gigs with his band. My mom cut my natural curls short for an afro so I would fit in with the 1970s repertoire! It stuck (the music, not the hair) – just got my first bass – a Steinberger.

  8. what about the two wires running through the middle? also, mine looks like it has a “blocking plate” which sticks out into the round “hinge opening”.

      1. Ok, got it now. At first it looked like a ‘solid axle’ hinge.

        Can’t wait to try this. Thanks.

    1. Nice plug and play solution, mine is still a lot less expensive and adjusting the tension on the rubber hose gives a nice dampened feeling to the hinge where the hard plastic parts feel kind of wobbly.

  9. I just finished implementing this fix for our B&D waffle maker… It works like a charm! Only downside was that I had to buy an entire 10-foot spool of fuel tubing from the local home repair store, so my total cost was almost $7.00. Still cheaper than a new waffle iron, and I can use the fuel tubing for another project.

    Thanks for posting this!

  10. I am so thankful for folks who post their clever work around on line. So many items in my house have failed at key points and we came up with sturdier options. My mother has a waffle maker from her wedding that still works great. She got married in 1966. They just don’t build to last anymore. Thank you for taking the time to put this out there for those of us looking.

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