Does anyone know who “weibzha_0” is?

On Monday, Dec 19, 2016 I purchased a Logitech Webcam from weibzha_0 on ebay for way below market value. The seller was in Hong Kong and seemed to be selling off open cases of product as this and his other items were all listed as one of a lot of multiple items, in the case of my camera it looked like he had about thirty and ten were sold before I placed my order. His other items were a couple of other Logitech products and a number of other electronic items like LED flashlights and some motorcycle electronic accessories.

It looks like I found a seller that had some leftover stock he needed to get rid of. For a pretty secure investment I could get myself the webcam I was looking for at about a third of the cost I was expecting. Why is it a pretty secure investment? Well Ebay at this point gives most of the rights to the buyer, if you don’t get your item you get your money back. I’ve had that happen to me as a buyer and every time Ebay came through and $20 isn’t a lot of money, maybe I should have bought all 20 he had left?


I don’t have the original ad as a week after my purchase Ebay took down the sellers auctions and removed his account. I wasn’t given any reason but I suspect they contravened a number of Ebay rules or some competitor who didn’t like being under cut ratted them out for a technicality. Why do I suspect that?

order.jpgYou can see by the above note provided by Ebay that I’m “not required to complete the transaction” which means they are about to give me my money back but I have to wait until January 20th, to file my claim because my item may arrive. Right now it is January 14th, and I’ve waited about ten days and by waiting I mean I’ve sat by the window and watched the mailman and sofar he hasn’t delivered the little box containing my webcam and worst of all I have to wait ten more days!


I think had my seller been a total scammer ebay would have just credited me the money right away but looking at his feedback he might have done some slight of hand that got him into trouble. In an effort to “accelerate”  his feedback ranking he may have created a few bogus sales.


Right off you can see his feedback goes back over six months which I guess gets them over the fly by night category but all of the buyers have very low feedback at least much lower than what I see when I look at my own items and a few of the comments are looking a bit strange. There are two “Mini Portable Speakers” sold to two different buyers but have the exact same nonsensical comment. Then there’s two different items sold to two different buyers with the same strange comment , “Good camo. Bought it for turkey hunting. Should blend in well.” It’s an Iphone case, I guess you don’t want the turkey to recognize your phone?

Also out of 16 feedback comments less than six months old four are “No longer a registered user”, In my feedback of 175 comments going back eight years I have only three! Okay something is fishy here but are they crooks? In a way Ebay causes this problem because your feedback score determines when you get paid. When you first start you have to wait until a number of days after the customer receives the item or as soon as they post positive feedback to get paid. I remember when I first started selling and how I would write to each buyer asking them to leave me positive feedback because I needed to get the money released. Notice I said “released”, when you’re new Ebay keeps the buyer’s money and holds onto it making the seller wait an arbitrary and changing period. The only way around it is to build up your feedback and I think my seller was accused of fudging his feedback and lost his account.

If you look at my clippings you can see his feedback score move from 16 to 25, I just checked now when I noticed it and he’s now sitting at 18. Must be some glitch from being a removed used with open item sales, I’m not going to read anything into that for now…


At this point I can’t contact the seller, the form is there but it goes nowhere as you can see. I still hope to get my camera and I still hope to get bargains from Ebay but not always.

UPDATE January 23, 2017:

Friday was the final day that I had to wait, I gave it a couple more days just to make sure and that nobody could say I didn’t wait and today I filed my claim.




It says I’ll hear back in a week, I’m optimistic that it will show up but anyway I’ll be getting my money back. And I’ve started to look for another camera.

UPDATE January 24, 2017:

Seller’s message:
“Hi, my friend. I have sent your goods in 12/24. Items were expected to 16 to 25 days to reach your country. Will delay arrived in a week. Also can you please wait patiently. Thank you very much!”

Looks like I have a very good chance of seeing this!

UPDATE Feb. 1, 2017:

Nope it doesn’t. I gave the seller another week to come up with the goods but during that time Ebay closed the case in my favor and returned the money. Looks like they lied every single time. (I’m still hoping it shows up, silly me.)


If you bought from weibzha_0 I’d love to hear from you, please comment below. If you bought and received your item then definitely contact me.



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