My new 3D printer

After much deliberation, research and youtube watching I’ve finally picked out, purchased and started using my new 3D printer.


That’s not mine, it’s the photo from the manufacturer but it looks like mine well except for I have the newer model that uses solid couplers for the Z axis and I didn’t apply the bed mat as I prefer to use painters tape oh yea and the Y axis uses LM8UU instead of the nice sealed units pictured here. One more thing my bowden tube correctly passes underneath the cross support because going over the top would cause it to jam against the frame and not work.


Here’s mine with the blue tape making my first print. There’s nothing to look at just yet.


Now this is the first print after I did the calibration, this file came with the machine as the only printable file on the memory stick. It turns out it’s just a part I don’t need as the machine has be upgraded to a proximity sensor from a mechanical switch which this was designed to hold.


Here’s the first part I designed and printed. It’s the hinge part bolted to the case, the original broke about eight years ago and I’ve been carrying this case around by its edges ever since.Fantastic Waasa.png

This view is from Tinkercad. I didn’t end up using the hex nuts as the plastic threaded nicely. Tinkercad is an online 3D design program, it’s really simple to use but you can only use if for simple objects as it lacks most advanced features but hell it’s good enough for the quick and dirty jobs plus it works nicely with my 3D printer software and with Thingyverse the online 3D object sharing website, here’s my project on Thingyverse.

Speaking of Thingyverse I’ve set up a profile for myself there, you can check out my work if you like. I have five designs there already and plan on uploading a lot more.

Another thing I’ve done is to set up a forum/user group page for this 3D printer, it’s called The Dp5 3D Printer User Group. There wasn’t much information about the DP5 when I bought it and I figured a forum would be a good idea since I’m totally new at this. Actually the first time I ever held a 3D printed object was only a couple of months back at a local maker group meeting.

I really had no intentions of getting a 3D printer. I like to work with metal and build things that are strong and solid and big which you can’t do on a small printer like what I bought which only can work with objects smaller than a cubic foot. What brought me to 3D printing was that I’m making a CNC router that can cut objects about four feet by four feet and over a foot tall, and I’ve spend over a year collecting parts and making tests and now at the point where the metal and electronics can come together except for a lot of small things I need machined. The problem is I don’t have access to a machine ship anymore, I could buy time but that get expensive and since a few hours time would have cost me more than this printer I went with the printer and I plan on making all the small bits I need to finish the CNC machine.

Projects like the case handle hinge is just to build up some skills before I start needing things like bearing mounts, motor flanges, electrical boxes, etc. Which brings me back to my second print.


This bracket holds a Galaxy S6 in a rubber case and attaches to a standard tripot. I call it Smartphone Tripod Mount and if you click it you can see another Thingyverse project. The mount works nicely and allows me to have some hands free photos.


Another quicky is this Knob for speaker stand while not as fancy as the original knob it’s not broken and won’t cut my hand anymore.

Initially I wanted to make my own 3D printer from parts. I did my research and found the type of machine that best suited my needs and desires. That machine is called a Core XY and it looks like a cube with motors and belts inside. My favorite version of that machine was built by a youtuber called Tech2C he calls his version The Hypercube and builds an entire machine over 18 videos. It was in these videos that I decided that this was the machine for me.

Now I had to go over all the specs and locate the parts. This very long list of parts plus a few I substituted came to over $500 and I still wouldn’t have a working printer until I was finished! I contacted Chris at Tech2C and asked him if he would sell me a set of printed parts since I wouldn’t have a machine to make them on and I really wanted to show some support for all his fine work which he was freely giving away without asking for money or anything. It turns out he did make and sell parts but he didn’t feel right about pushing  to get paid, I really liked that about him and sent him some funds via paypal and within a week or two I had my parts fresh from Australia!

Okay I have a box of plastic parts and a list. I keep going over the list thinking of ways to get my price down and an old Johnny Cash  song comes to my head, “One Piece At A Time” It’s about an auto worker who makes an entire car by taking home one piece at a time, the problem is it takes so long that he has parts from multiple years and nothing fits right. Let’s hope I don’t have that problem.

Next automotive related tid bit I’m reminded of is how the parts for a car are always more expensive than just buying the car for parts. This give me an idea, can I find a machine that uses all the parts I need for the new machine. This would have the advantage of giving me a working 3D printer before I strip the machine down for parts.

The DMS DP5 is this 3D Printer. After searching on multiple sites and going over specs until I was blue in the face I found it. Everything seemed perfect, Bed= 200*200*270, Auto leveling, 24V power supply, metal remote feed extruder, 200W hot bed, metal base, aluminum extrusion frame, all this and a 10 min. install due to the fact that this machine comes almost fully assembled.

I have an order ready for the majority of the final parts that will allow me to assemble the new frame without disassembling the old machine. Once I get to this point I’m sure there will be a small order needed but for so far I’ll be about $200 under my first estimate which is pretty damn good for a build your own project where things usually go over budget.

This is machine is pretty close to what I intend to build.

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