Studio Lighting Improvements

This project cost around $10 and has improved the comfort and convenience of using the studio. How can a couple of strips of LEDs do that? The top keyboard contains scores of buttons and knobs and sliders that I wasn’t using because I couldn’t see them, actually I was using a few as the transport buttons are visible but the rest were gone. And that was causing problems as instead of just reaching out and hitting the right button or knob I had to mouse all over a 30″ screen again and again, it was killing me.

The solution involved a 5M roll of 600 warm white LEDs on 3M adhesive. 5M gets cut and placed all around the shelf almost twice with the single strip at the back. To secure the lights, I’ve had problems in the past with the lights falling off, with a glue gun a fine strip of glue is placed under each light strip. I don’t need to rush as it takes a bit of time to unroll the strips, remove the backing and carefully apply the strip. After the strips are satisfactorily applied a heat gun is used to remelt the glue, a small block of wood is used to press the strips on to the hot glue.

s-l1600 (1).jpg

Once applied the strips have to be connected, using a small soldering tip and wire each strip is connected to the next one. In my case I had 7 strips that needed to be connected, polarity must be observed! To power the strip a wall wart was pulled from my box of parts, for a 600 LED strip you’ll need a 12 volt power supply of about 2A. I found this one on ebay with the connector for $5.


To control brightness a PWM control was used. I use these for a number of projects so I buy them in bulk but they aren’t expensive.


Here is the shelf on my bench upside down. The shelf is recycled from some old upright piano parts. Sure takes a lot of tools to glue down some lights. Remember when joining the lights that polarity matters, I messed that up a few times and I’m blaming the small print!


That’s about all it takes, look at the huge difference it makes.





The under shelf lighting adds a lot of light around the rack and on the floor which increases the amount of indirect lighting in the room.


Even from behind it is now well lit allowing easier access to cables and equipment.


All in all I’m totally happy and look forward to my next project.

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