3D Printed Around the House

I bought my 3D printer to make parts for the CNC router I’m making, when I found out how expensive my local machine shop is to make parts I changed my focus and started to research 3D printers which I originally had little interest in. I’ve always had access to a machine shop and could make parts out of steel or use a mill and lathe to make what I needed but since I’ve moved I no longer have access to those tools.


To get my skills up enough to make the machine parts I need I’ve decided I’ll make parts to fix things around the house, I’ve made brackets and knobs and a nice clip to hold the phone but today I needed to secure a patio door that had a broken latch. Last winter I found a bolt that fit and tightened it with a wrench but I had to leave the wrench hanging on the door incase I had to open it quickly.

rendered knob

My new plan was to create a knob that fits over a 3/8″ bolt that I could tighten by hand. Since it is only a single printed part of a simple enough shape I’ve decided to use Tinkercad to design this part.

alt text

The part needs no finishing after printing and fits tightly over the bolt. I use a heat gun to press the bolt in which locks the part on like glue

finished knob

I’m happy with the results,

Door 1

and so happy that I’m made another knob to fix a different door. The second knob is slightly different because there is less clearance and the knob comes near the jam at a small angle requiring that the edges be recessed, I think it also makes the part better looking.

Door 2

Here’s a view into how the part was designed in Tinkercad.

Of course I could have gone out to Lowes and picked up a plastic knob that was close enough then picked up the hardware to make whatever knob they had work which I figure would have costs ten bucks and would have taken less time but all I would have learned would be what parts my local Lowes has in stock.


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