I’m not blocking your ad, it’s not your ad.

Web sites are starting to greet me with a message that they know that I’m refusing to be redirected to external sites that I did not surf to. Notice I did not use the word “ad”, that’s because adblockers don’t block ads they keep you on the site you’re viewing and ignore attempts to redirect you elsewhere, the ads happen to be hosted off the site you are on. Which means they aren’t their ads.


Why is this an important distinction? For this part we’ll limit our discussion to ads only and not scripts and other bits of code that both advertisers and black hats employ. When you block an ad you are actually refusing to allow your browser to be hijacked by a third party you don’t know and didn’t ask for. Just by doing this you not only stop the ads but you stop most of the ad tracking and other and sometimes illegal uses of your personal information.


I like how SOS (above) says they only run ads from trusted sources, I looked and they don’t list any sources but they do have a page to calm us down in case we read about companies like Cambridge Analitica who used advertisements to steal our info.

Hey web sites if it’s your ad why don’t you serve it from the same server that serves your content? That’s because they sell out the ad creation and hosting to a third party and this is where most of the dishonesty of the anti ad block messages centers around. THOSE AREN’T YOUR ADS! You want me to open the door to people I don’t know and whose identities are hidden. Yes I said hidden, you’ll notice the ads that tricked you into downloading do not identify themselves as such they sneak in and then they collect your information and use it to contact and trade with other advertisers or some mysterious firm that will generate new ads based on things they shouldn’t be looking at or know about. That’s why I break the chain, if you want to show an ad you don’t have to sell me out to do it.


What is the solution? I don’t know as there’s too many problems but I do know that if the sites made and hosted their own ads my ad blocker wouldn’t work against those and thus wouldn’t be a problem to them.


I don’t accept that your faulty business model should be used as guilt when you can’t even be honest enough to admit that you are making this money by screwing your customers. And about this business model I have a little notice for you about that. You didn’t create the internet, the US Government and its high tech suppliers did and they all used the public money so right off the internet is not yours. The web was created by scientists working for the government and they gave it away hoping that we would do good with it. Now you want to change the rules because you have a business model? How about this take your new rules and create your own internet until then leave ours alone.


Here’s the worst offender for deceitful detection of an ad blocker, Yahoo. You see the ads are part of the overall experience at Yahoo and ignoring them is somehow interfering with “features”, yea sure.


Don’t get me wrong I don’t want everything for free, I subscribe to a number of content services including a couple of news sites and a number of music and video sites plus we download quite a bit of paid content. We want art and journalism to continue but if you look at my images of the ad block screens you’ll see a number of sites like the one above actually steal all the content on their site, wrap it in ads and try to sell it back. Now there’s a business model worthy of Wall St.

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